May 28, 2014

Love That Look

So chic. I think I need white shorts (and that gorgeous coat wouldn't hurt either)...

photo source: Lee Oliveira

May 26, 2014

Cool Sunglasses for Summer

The beginning of summer is a great time to refresh or update your sunglass options, and since Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start of summer, now is a great time to get cool for summer.

Here are my top sunglass picks:
collage of Oliver Peoples, RayBan, Prada, Saint Laurent sunglasses
L to R from top: Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban, Prada, Saint Laurent

Love these. They're chic, work with many different looks, and have a clean/minimal design. Also, doesn't hurt that they have a great fit (at least for me...). Especially obsessed with the mirrored lenses of the Saint Laurent sunnies. So cool...

For a more wallet-friendly option, love the graphic yet classic look of the Topshop sunglasses below:


Hope you all had a great Memorial Day and weekend!

May 22, 2014

Obsession of the week - A Sophie Hulme Tote in Pink

A bold pop of color, the shade of pink on this Sophie Hulme tote could brighten up any outfit. Love it. With its roomy interior, adjustable handles and optional shoulder strap (including whistle!), this bag is as practical as it is gorgeous and fun!

May 20, 2014

Trending...Cropped Pants

Cropped pants this Spring and into the Fall is as fashion-forward and chic as it's ever been. And after a long, cold winter, I particularly love this trend, because it's one part of our body that I think we're all happy to show off! :)

Some cropped pants I'm loving now...

top image credit: via

May 15, 2014

Today's Beauty Pick - M.A.C. Eye Brows

A great counterpart to my last beauty pick (Benefit High Brow Glow) which helps illuminate and open up the eyes, MAC Eye Brows pencil is my favorite liner to shape and fill in your brows. Since brows accentuate your eyes and frame your face, they're an important feature to pay attention to and maintain or alter, if needed. Brows are also an indication of your youthfulness.., or not. As we age, we often lose hairs in our brow, so thicker and natural looking brows will give not only your brows, but also the rest of your face a little youthful lift.

Easier to use than a gel/liquid, the MAC Eye Brows pencil blends in smoothly without creating sharp, too distinct pencil lines that some other brow liners do. 

Currently, the 'power brow' is in. That means bold and thick. Think Cara Delevingne (as shown below) eye brows. So stop plucking and fill in! 

photo source:

May 12, 2014

#OOTD with Kix'ies™ Thigh Highs

I've never worn thigh highs (and rarely wear tights and hosiery), but was interested in trying Kix'ies Thigh Highs after being introduced to the brand and meeting it's founder, Samantha DeMartini. Kix'ies seemed to be a high-quality product, but I also loved that it had a philanthropic mission (read more about it here). 

Recently, I received a pair of the Dana Lynn thigh highs from Kix'ies, and was happy to find that these thigh highs resolve all the issues that usually keep me from wearing hosiery and tights. First of all, since they are only worn on your legs, there is nothing that will constrict your stomach or waist (perfect for warmer weather!). Also, they are pretty durable, so they're not as likely to tear or run like traditional hosiery. Even if they do, you could just buy an extra set and replace one leg at a time instead of scrapping the whole pair. If you do need some shaping and smoothing control for your stomach/waist area you can add your favorite Spanx (or similar undergarment), rather than be stuck with a control top that's specific to a particular pair of tights/hosiery. Most importantly, they stay up!

The signature striped elastic band that keeps the Kix'ies Thigh Highs up is covered up for my outfit in this post. Reveal it for a more flirty and edgy look.

The weather this Spring has been erratic here in New York and pretty much the entire east coast!. The last couple of days have been warm, but most of last week and the weeks before were cooler than usual. I'm excited to add Kix'ies Thigh Highs as another option to my wardrobe for those in-between-season days when I may want or need to wear a skirt, but not quite ready to be bare-legged!

outfit details:
top- Vince
skirt- Theory (similar here)
thigh highs- c/o Kix'ies, of course! Try them now for $5 at Enter code 5KIXIES at checkout. (Limit one per customer.)
necklace- Lulu Frost for J.Crew (similar here)
shoes-Stuart Weitzman (similar here)
bag- Loeffler Randall (see below)

My current bag love...

Happy Monday!

May 9, 2014

Love That Look

Even with simple/casual outfits and minimal accessories, these women exude timeless style and chic. Effortless chic. Proof that real style originates from the woman (or man) wearing the clothes and not the other way around...

photo source: STREETFSN

May 7, 2014

Obsession of the week - Striped Shoes

As much as I love stripes on a jacket (see my post here), I'm a little more obsessed with them on shoes. The black and white stripes on this Paul Andrew shoe give a traditional pump style a bold and crisp look. With the edgy scalloped line detail near the foot bed, this shoe adds sleek and sophistication to any outfit!

May 5, 2014

Backpack Chic

Backpacks are back. Not that they ever really left, but now they're particularly fashion-forward, and available in more luxe and sophisticated styles than they've ever been. I love this trend, because being hands-free when shopping, running around the city and traveling is a luxury hard to give up once experienced! Now, I know that you can be hands-free with a cross-body bag, but a cross-body does not evenly distribute its weight. So for longer periods of time and with more to carry, a backpack is definitely the way to go. And since the success of an outfit is 50% posture (so I say...), get that backpack on and be on-trend!

Some of my favorite backpacks:

Shop the post and some other backpacks I love:

photo source: top image via

Have a great start to your week!!

May 1, 2014

Today's Beauty Pick - Benefit High Brow Glow

image of Benefit High Brow Glow pencil
A recent addition to my make-up bag, the High Brow Glow highlighter from Benefit illuminates and opens up the eye when applied below the brow arch on the browbone. What I particularly love about this highlighter is that it's in pencil form, so it's easy to control the amount applied...just dab it on and lightly blend in. It has a creamy texture which helps for blending, especially on drier skin. Since there's no make-up brush needed, it's more convenient for travel or storing in a compact make-up bag. This highlighter is also very useful for other parts of the face to add lift and brightness. For example, I love dabbing a little above the cupid's bow of my lip to instantly create the illusion of a fuller pout. Who needs botox?!

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