February 26, 2014

#OOTD in L.A.

Outdoor photo wearing Sandro jacket, Frame Denim Jeans, Balenciaga bag
This Spring and into the Fall there's an emphasis, or rather a 'showing off' of the ankle. Accordingly, pants are being cuffed, cropped, or re-styled(culottes, anyone?). And can I tell you that I'm obsessed with this trend?! Of course as a shoe lover, I love any trend that highlights and showcases the shoes of an outfit. Also, showing off the ankle can add some femininity and subtle sexiness to a more masculine looking pant, especially with sleek pumps or sandals. One of my favorite ways of wearing a cropped, ankle-revealing pant is a rolled-up, slouchy boyfriend jean like these by Frame Denim. The lighter color is perfect for warmer weather and any distressing/fading is subtle enough so that these pants can be worn in more situations.

These photos were taken last week when I was in warm and sunny Los Angeles (sigh!). Because I was doing a lot of walking, I wore a flatter and wider heel. Otherwise, I'd wear this outfit with stiletto pumps or a more delicate sandal.

close-up of frame denim boyfriend jeans

It was snowing when I started writing this post... I have to say that I'm still in complete denial that it is cold winter weather here in New York. Miss you L.A.!!

outfit details:
jacket: Sandro (similar here and here)
top: Black Hawk
necklace(see below for close-up): Maya Brenner
belt: Isabel Marant (similar here and here)
bag: Balenciaga(find similar here)
shoes: Paul Green (so comfortable!)

Close-up shot of the Maya Brenner bicoastal necklace:
close-up of Maya Brenner bicoastal necklace


  1. Love the jacket and the necklace is super cute too. Great styling as usual!

  2. I know I noticed this at our brunch when you had your jeans cuffed to show off your booties. I love this trend too and plan on doing this more when it is umm not snowing. Yep flurries today and more then flurries on Sunday. Egads!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Can't wait for the Spring. In addition to the warmth, there are so many more outfit options!!



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