February 4, 2013

Search For the Perfect Mascara...

My make-up routine is minimal and my eye make-up ability...well, it's pretty much non-existent.  I wear  eyeliner pencil in an imprecise way and that's about it!   So now that I'm well into adulthood, I think it's about time that I figured it out!  

I've been experimenting with different mascara brands and I have to tell you that I am overwhelmed!  So many choices...  Curling. Volumizing.  Defining. Lengthening.  Hydrating. etc. etc.  Does there really need to be so many variations?  Can't one do it all?  And how does that paint in a tube curl my lashes?  Doesn't seem possible...

Here are the ones I tried so far...

Trish McEvoy - Pros: it's Trish, no clumping, easy to apply and remove, no smudging
Cons: not a huge visible difference, no curling effect as promised(perhaps my lashes are too straight :( )

Blinc - Pros: no clumping, easy to apply and extremely easy to remove, no smudging
Cons: not a huge visible difference

 Lancome - Pros: lashes are t.h.i.c.k., no clumping if done carefully, easy to remove, no smudging
Cons: Because lashes are more noticeable, mistakes and a heavy hand stand out!

Benefit - Pros: lashes are longer and thicker, no clumping if done carefully, easy to remove, no smudging, love the brand!
Cons: Because lashes are more noticeable, mistakes and a heavy hand stand out!

Hmmm. So I guess Benefit they're Real! is my favorite so far.  Next, I'll be trying Dior Show, Sephora's brand, Rimmel, and Chanel.  Any suggestions??

Ok, so now that I 've spent a sufficient amount of time procrastinating with this mascara quest, time to get ready for...Fashion Week!!!  


  1. I use the Benefit They're Real and love it! The brush is great for getting those hard to reach lashes.

    //Birdie Shoots//

  2. I'm still in the search for the perfect mascara too! I have tried the Benefit one too, loved it too, but I have to admit that clinique's mascaras are by far my faves, especially when I want to get dressed up!

    -Jacqui, burgundywhispers.com

  3. I have an obsession with mascara! thanks for the suggestions :)

    xoxo, Tiffany

  4. Hi Josephina- I've been using Benefit's mascara lately too. I usually stick to one mascara for a long time and only change if I find one that's reeeeally good, and I think Benefit's fits the bill. So glad to see you liked it as well!

  5. I'm like you when it comes to makeup! The only things in my "makeup bag" are mascara and lip balm.

    The mascara I use each and everyday (I have a thing for full, lush eyelashes) is Diorshow and Diorshow Extase. The Diorshow gives my lashes that full, lush look, then I layer on the Diorshow Extase on top to help lengthen my lashes.


  6. I really want to try the benefit one! everytime i'm in the store i talk myself out of it because it's just so darn pricey. And i already found a pretty good drugstore one for less than half the price (covergirl lash blast). but maybe one day i'll bite the bullet and get it ;)


    1. Hi Maggie,
      Sephora sells a travel(sample) size for about $10 if you wanted to try it. If you do, would love to know it you like it!



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